Transforming Revenue Cycle Management

Tremont Health leverages its background in revenue cycle management, technology development, and healthcare operations to improve the financial performance of healthcare providers. By streamlining revenue cycle management, we allow providers to focus more on clinical care and less on fiscal responsibilities. Tremont Health uses new age revenue cycle technology and advanced data analytics to boost provider's bottom lines.



  • Accounts Receivable

  • Denial Mangement

  • Underpayment Audits


  • Revenue Cycle Mangement
  • System Implementations
  • Managed Care Contracting

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Our story

Revenue cycle management has a well-earned reputation for being cumbersome and convoluted. With our experience in both Hospital and Ambulatory provider operations we knew there had be a better, more efficient way to go about it. To help in that quest, we have built a new age revenue cycle management company, Tremont Health.

Tremont Health pulled together a team of professionals with proven skills in addressing the full range of revenue cycle challenges these organizations face. Through outsourced accounts receivable management or restructuring internal operations, Tremont Health helps improve your revenue cycle performance. Streamlined workflows and increased operational efficiencies allow us to drive bottom-line performance. Tremont Health gives clients the comfort that their revenue cycle is running optimally.